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TSRC uber wait time
Uber Has an Enormous Wait Time Advantage Over Regular Taxis (CityLab)

By Eric Jaffe It’s become a given that ride services like Uber et al [...]

TSRC bikeshare china
The world leader in bike-sharing is… China (Quartz)

By Gwynn Guilford Bike-sharing had a banner year in 2013, with a 60% [...]

TSRC helmets
So Should Bike-Shares Provide Helmets or Not? (Next City)

By Rachel Dovey “Cities with bike share programs see rise in cyclist head [...]

TSRC Citibike new pics
Citi Bike Makes Bike-Share Instructions Easier With Pictures (Bostlnno)

By Nick DeLuca I love the idea of Hubway. In a city like Boston where 99 [...]

City of Philadelphia Bikesharing
Is Bike Sharing Really Climate Friendly? It’s Complicated. (Huffington Post)

By Bobby Magill – Climate Central In Oklahoma, where modern bike [...]

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After 23 million rides, no deaths in U.S. bike share programs (Reuters)

By Barbara Goldberg (Reuters) – Yanking a bicycle from the docking [...]

Startup pitch opportunity – ITS World Congress 9/7-11

Premier Investment Bank Raymond James Joins Investor Matching Event at ITS [...]

Lyft Tries to Coax Commuters to Leave Their Cars (NY Times)

By Farhad Manjoo Today, like every weekday, about three-quarters of the [...]

TSRC car sharing auto industry
Car-sharing makes auto industry give way (The Age)

By Kate Jones Car-sharing is the new green way of getting around town and [...]

The Most Persuasive Evidence Yet that Bike-Share Serves as Public Transit (CityLab)

By Eric Jaffe Over the past few days, several New York media outlets have [...]

IMPPS Picture
Exploring and Collaborating on Shared-Use Mobility Services (Urban Omnibus)

by Manasvi Menon  Every day in cities across the country, people make [...]

bike sharing tax
Congress Still Hasn’t Recognized Bike Sharing as Mass Transit (In the Capital)

By Galen Moore Pay for health insurance, pay the orthodontist, pay for your [...]

ITS World Congress
World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) – September 7-11, 2014

At ITS America, we are excited to be at the center of the smart cities [...]

Bike Share program now scheduled to begin in Tampa this August (CLTampa)

By Mitch Perry A bike-share program scheduled to begin this spring in [...]

How are ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber regulated across the U.S.? (Omaha)

By Barbara Soderlin Colorado in June became the first state to pass [...]

Indianapolis bike-share program exceeds expectations (The Courier-Journal)

By John Tuohy INDIANAPOLIS –  The city’s bike-share program is off to [...]