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Move Afoot to Let Smartphones Pay Transit Fares (Chicago Tribune)

By Jon Hilkevitch, Chicago Tribune Smartphones would work like [...]

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Pretty Soon, ‘Ride-Sharing’ Services Could Actually Help You Share a Ride (CityLab)

By Eric Goldwyn Cab-sharing has arrived in a serious way with UberPool and [...]

Facing Many Obstacles, Bike Sharing Slowly Gains Traction Upstate (New York Times)

By Jane Gottlieb Joe Nedeau had not been on a bicycle for months, but on a [...]

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This Ridesharing Service You’ve Never Heard of Has 10 Million Members and Counting (Entrepreneur)

By Catherine Clifford In major U.S. cities à la New York and San Francisco, [...]

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Nissan One-Way EV Car Sharing Using New Mobility Concept EV Extended (Clean Technica)

By Christopher DeMorro Last October, Nissan launched an EV initiative in [...]

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Is Bike Sharing Just for Gentrifiers? (The Atlantic)

By Lucia Graves A group of bicycling advocates gathered for a conference in [...]

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Bike-share programs protected from theft by high-quality locks, unique designs: Breaking the cycle (Cleveland)

By Evan MacDonald The city launched its first bike-sharing program this [...]

California Governor Jerry Brown gestures during a news conference at Memoria y Tolerancia museum in Mexico City
California governor signs ridesharing insurance legislation (Reuters)

By Eric M. Johnson California Governor Jerry Brown signed new insurance [...]