Our Mission

The Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) is a public-interest organization working to foster collaboration in shared mobility (including bikesharing, carsharing, ridesharing and more) and help connect the growing industry with transit agencies, cities and communities across the nation. Through piloting programs, conducting new research and providing advice and expertise to cities and regions, SUMC hopes to extend the benefits of shared mobility for all.

SUMC, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of IGO CarSharing after IGO was sold to Enterprise Holdings. IGO was a social venture founded by the Center for Neighborhood Technology. Sharon Feigon, IGO’s former CEO, is SUMC’s Executive Director.

Our Work

SUMC is focused on bringing together a wide range of interests – including government, industry, non-governmental organizations, and academics – to share best practices, conduct research, develop model policies and serve as a testing ground for building the shared-use mobility industry.
Our initial work includes:

Convening public and private sector leaders to facilitate collaboration through:

  • Regional mobility summits and workshops
  • Webinars
  • Educational outreach

Conducting research and developing new resources, such as:

  • Industry outlook and trend reports
  • Online policy and best practices repository
  • White papers on equity and other mobility issues

Collaborating with cities to scale shared mobility systems, including:

  • Assisting with RFP development
  • Helping design and launch pilot programs
  • Designing interactive tools cities can use to identify service gaps and more