NEW CASE STUDY: National Review of Public Transit COVID-19 Delivery Programs

The latest addition to the COVID-19 Resource Homepage on the Learning Center explores transit delivery programs that meet the needs of of persons with disabilities, the elderly, and those with health complications in the ongoing pandemic.


Read the Shared-Use Mobility Center Growth & Impact Report

See how SUMC has changed the shared mobility landscape to advance equitable, accessible, and environmentally-sound mobility for all—in just 20 pages.


Expanding Shared Mobility for All

The Shared-Use Mobility Center is a public-interest, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a multimodal transportation ecosystem that works for all.


Shared + Electric Mobility Initiative

SUMC is partnering with the California Air Resources Board to bring shared and electric mobility options to disadvantaged communities in California.


Why Integrate?

With transportation as the number one source of carbon emissions in the United States, we must take advantage of new modes and technologies that pose low-carbon options for people in a way that offers seamless use and is equitable for all. Read, “Four Steps Towards Mobility Integration for Public Agencies.”


Mobility on Demand Learning Center

Sharing knowledge about shared mobility The MOD Learning Center is a self-guided learning experience to explore the possibilities of shared mobility.


Twin Cities Shared Mobility Collaborative

Get to know this partnership of transportation leaders who are committed to implementing the Twin Cities Action Plan and increasing mobility options in Minneapolis-St. Paul.


Mobility on Demand On-Ramp

It’s been an incredible year for Mobility on Demand (MOD) On-Ramp, our partnership with the Federal Transit Administration that gives public transit agencies from six U.S. cities with promising MOD concepts expert assistance, so they can turn their innovations into realities.


Innovation and Knowledge Accelerator

The IKA is a partnership between SUMC and the U.S. Federal Transit Administration to assist transit agencies with new transportation options and innovations in paratransit, fare integration, first/last mile solutions, and other shared mobility strategies.


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Mobility Hub Newsletter: August 13, 2020

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Welcome to the Shared-Use Mobility Center’s weekly guide to the most impactful news, thought-provoking articles and innovative technologies that are shaping our transportation future. We believe in sharing information, just...

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Learning Center

A self-guided learning experience to explore the possibilities of shared mobility

Latest Learning: COVID-19 Resource Homepage

Bookmark this centralized hub of insight into how cities and transportation sectors have been impacted by the virus and responded, including lessons learned and external resources, three SUMC status updates on April 8th, April 23rd and May 18th, and case studies on Pop-Up Mobility Paths & Open Streets and Public Transit during COVID-19 and the Road to Recovery.

What’s Happening in the Shared Mobility Industry?

Cities with Carsharing

Traditional, one-way, and P2P carsharing services are currently operating in more than 400 North American cities.

Cities with Bikesharing

More than 400 North American cities have launched bikesharing systems.

Cities with TNCs

Ridesourcing or Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) are operating in more than 600 cities in North America.