Mobility Hubs to Connect Communities Webinar and Workshop on 10/27

Learn about planning and implementing mobility hubs in this virtual event, the first in our "Path to the Summit" series. Register today!


Enhanced Shared Mobility Benefits Calculator

Estimate CO2 emissions reductions and set reduction goals with a full range of modes, now including electrification and telecommuting. Try it out!


Transit and Shared Mobility Innovation

Learn how SUMC + the FTA are working with 25 agencies to implement new mobility projects through the Integrated Mobility Innovation program.


Bringing clean mobility to underserved communities in CA

Read about the Clean Mobility Options Voucher Pilot Program, which funds zero-emission shared mobility services.


Look back and learn from these mobility pioneers

The MOD Innovation and Knowledge Accelerator rallied agencies thinking about transit in new ways to share knowledge, push innovation, and turn ideas into pilots.


MOD On-Ramp Lessons Learned Webinar Series

Featured Presentation: MetroBike, a partnership between the city of Austin and Capital Metro.


Mobility on Demand Learning Center

Sharing knowledge about shared mobility | Explore the MOD Learning Center, a self-guided learning experience to explore the possibilities of shared mobility.


Expanding Shared Mobility for All

The Shared-Use Mobility Center is a public-interest nonprofit dedicated to creating a multimodal transportation ecosystem to address climate change, poverty, and racial inequality.


Read the Shared-Use Mobility Center Growth & Impact Report

See how SUMC has changed the shared mobility landscape to advance equitable, accessible, and environmentally-sound mobility for all—in just 20 pages.


Together, the top 50 U.S. cities could save nearly 100 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year!

Measure reductions for shared modes, electrification, and telecommuting.

Shared Mobility Counter

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