Clean Mobility Options


Providing $35 million in funding and capacity-building for zero-emission carsharing, carpooling/vanpooling, bikesharing/scooter-sharing, innovative transit services, and ride-on-demand services in California’s historically underserved communities.

The Clean Mobility Options Voucher Pilot Program (CMO) is administered by the Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) and CALSTART in partnership with CivicWell. The goals of this mobility equity program are twofold. On the community level, CMO works to improve underserved communities’ access to clean mobility options that are safe, reliable, convenient, and affordable. On a wider scale, CMO helps to further mobility equity, improve local air quality, increase zero-emission vehicle and clean technology adoption, reduce vehicle miles traveled, and advance workforce development in clean transportation.

The CMO program is funded by California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative that applies cap-and-trade dollars to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment. The program will help move the State further towards its emission-reduction goals while realizing climate change strategies and solutions that may then be used by other communities across the country.

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Shared + Electric Mobility Initiative


SUMC’s Shared + Electric Mobility Initiative is a national effort to cut carbon pollution by supporting cities, mobility companies, and utilities in electrifying mobility services like carsharing and ridehailing, while creating new opportunities for zero-emission modes.

Through the initiative, SUMC has been working in partnership with community organizations and the private sector to launch six clean, shared mobility pilot projects in low-income communities across California.

Mobility Hubs in Affordable Housing Pilot

In partnership with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and TransForm, SUMC is a key partner in this California Air Resources Board-funded project centered on the design and deployment of mobility hubs built around electric vehicle (EV) carsharing, EV charging, and other shared mobility services at affordable housing sites in the Bay Area.

BlueLA EV Carshare

BlueLA EV Carshare is a first-of-its-kind pilot program that has reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased mobility choices in disadvantaged communities in and around Central Los Angeles. Since the launch on April 20, 2018 throughout the first two of years of operation under Phase I, it is estimated that the BlueLA service (110 vehicles, 200 EVSE or chargers, and 40 constructed stations) has reduced annual GHG emissions by 1909.83 metric tons, which is equivalent to 2,104,371 pounds of coal burned or 214,902 gallons of gasoline consumed. As the program moves into Phase II, an additional 200 vehicles, 60 stations and 300 chargers will be installed in more communities and eventually city-wide through Phase III.

Green Raiteros Rural Electric Vehicle Rideshare

This “Indigenous Uber” program uses a shared fleet of electric vehicles and volunteer drivers or “raiteros” to connect the predominantly Latino and farming city of Huron, California to vital services in Fresno. Developed by the Latino Environmental Advancement & Policy Institute in partnership with SUMC, Green Raiteros is a progressive step toward transportation justice and economic opportunity.

Read the 2020 Case Study: The Story of Green Raiteros: A Shared & Electric Lifeline for California Farmworkers

Learn more about clean, shared, electric mobility and access guidelines and resources in our 2020 Learning Center Module. Visit the Learning Center

Fresno Clean Shared Mobility Network (CSMN)

In 2018, the City of Fresno received $66.5M for Transform Fresno projects through a Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) grant under California Climate Investments (CCI). As part of this grant, partners in the Fresno Clean Shared Mobility Network (CSMN) received $7.72M to establish a low-carbon transportation network of electric vehicle carshare, rideshare, and bikeshare to provide low-or-no cost services to community residents throughout the Transform Fresno project area.