How can micromobility work best with public transit?

Explore the relationship between public transit and bikes, scooters, and more through the latest SUMC-led report: Transit and Micromobility.


The State of Shared Mobility in 2021

Read highlights from SUMC’s Metro Profile Updates.


Rediscover SUMC’s Shared Mobility Benefits Calculator

Find out how a mix of shared mobility options can help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your city.


New on the Learning Center: A case study on Arlington's RAPID program

Using autonomous shuttles and a mobility-on-demand network, the City of Arlington, TX is addressing first/last-mile issues in the city's downtown core and University of Texas campus.


“CODE RED FOR HUMANITY” demands more from our government—and from us


Announcing: 2020 Mobility Project Voucher Recipients

The Clean Mobility Options Voucher Pilot Program awarded Mobility Project vouchers worth approximately $20 million to eligible under-resourced communities and Native American tribal governments.


SUMC Report: Seamless Payments for Complete Trips

Check out this guide for transit agencies embarking on fare integration from SUMC and the FTA.


Try the Micromobility Policy Atlas

This first-of-its-kind database contains over 100 local bike- and scooter-sharing regulations, operating rules, ordinances, guidelines from around the world.


SUMC, FTA launch national mobility innovation network

Learn how we'll nurture ideas and offer technical assistance, peer learning, and best practices to transit communities the country to help them develop, implement, and scale pilots and programs.


Visit the Mobility on Demand Learning Center

Sharing knowledge about shared mobility | Explore the MOD Learning Center, a self-guided learning experience to explore the possibilities of shared mobility.


Expanding Shared Mobility for All

The Shared-Use Mobility Center is a public-interest nonprofit dedicated to creating a multimodal transportation ecosystem to address climate change, poverty, and racial inequality.


Read the Shared-Use Mobility Center Growth & Impact Report

See how SUMC has changed the shared mobility landscape to advance equitable, accessible, and environmentally-sound mobility for all—in just 20 pages.


SUMC Tools

New Micromobility Policy Atlas

Explore over 100 bike- and scooter-sharing regulations from around the world.

SUMC Emissions Calculator

Measure emissions reductions for shared modes, electrification, and telecommuting.

Shared Mobility Counter

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