By Sebastian Blanco

Car2go has always been about offering its members an alternative to traditional car ownership as they move around town. Now, the carsharing company’s focus is expanding to offer alternatives (plural) with the addition of things like taxis, bikesharing and public transportation to the Car2go family. This is because Car2go and its parent company, Moovel (which is in turn owned by Daimler), have acquired RideScout, an all-in-one service that Car2go calls, “the leading app-based mobility platform in North America.”

The idea behind RideScout is that you put in the address/POI of where you want to go and the app lists a number of options for you to get there, including expected travel time and cost. Think of it as a version of that all-in-one Helsinki project we mentioned the other day without the coordinated payment but which works in more cities. Car2go says that RideScout makes it simple to find, “the best way to get from point A to point B.”

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