By Nick DeLuca

I love the idea of Hubway. In a city like Boston where 99 percent of the time public transit is questionable every time, few modes of transportation are more efficient, and healthy, than riding a bike. And for people like, me who can barely afford the stamp to mail out rent, bike-shares are a more than viable option. But they’re also something of a turn off.

Confession: I’ve never ridden a Hubway before. Don’t get me wrong; the idea of Hubway is ingenious and biking around Boston not only gets you from A to B faster than a car or public transportation, but it affords the rider a new perspective of a city riddled with hidden historical goodies around almost every corner. But do you agree with me that they’re a bit confusing?

I almost got myself a Hubway recently. The only problem was that the instructions for rental were a bit confusing. Day passes, hourly fees, additional usage charges, for whatever reason I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Maybe it was because I was in a rush and didn’t have time to decipher every last instruction. Maybe it’s because I told myself I was in a rush but was too lazy to wade through all of the words. Maybe I’m just not as smart as you. Stop ridiculing me, I’m sensitive.

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