When it comes to shared mobility, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our work is constantly evolving, but our core areas of focus are:

  • Research
  • Technical Assistance
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Facilitating Public & Private Partnerships

We draw on the operational knowledge of our staff to provide advice and expertise to cities, towns, and regions throughout the nation on an ongoing basis.Our core capacities include:

  • Serving as an information clearinghouse, with an emphasis on conducting innovative research with practical results
  • Working with cities to test and scale new shared mobility concepts
  • Fostering collaboration to generate new solutions and advance the public interest



SUMC serves as an information clearinghouse to track new trends, document best practices, and study issues critical to understanding and shaping the growth of the shared mobility industry. By conducting innovative research with practical results, SUMC works to help cities understand and leverage the benefits of this growing sector. Since our inception, SUMC has conducted the following research projects:

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

SUMC provides technical assistance to implement pilot projects and expand existing shared mobility programs throughout the US. Current projects include:

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Action Plans

The Shared-Use Mobility Center works with cities and regions across the nation to develop shared mobility action plans that help reduce reliance on private autos, mitigate traffic congestion and emissions, and expand mobility options for all. Drawing on original research, statistical modeling, and decades of experience in shared mobility operations, SUMC’s plans serve as a catalyst to help cites establish a vision, set mode shift goals, and chart a path forward toward a more sustainable future.

Most recently, we have developed action plans in the following locations:

Shared Mobility Strategic Planning

Implementation Councils

SUMC has developed implementation councils to move shared mobility planning past the concept phase in the following cities:

  • Los Angeles (Shared Mobility Implementation Council)
  • Twin Cities (Shared Mobility Collaborative)

Public-Private Partnerships Facilitation

Public-Private Partnership Facilitation

Through developing national peer learning networks, hosting educational webinars, workshops, and our annual National Shared Mobility Summit, SUMC acts as an intermediary for innovative mobility partnerships across the US. Examples of our work include:

Peer Learning Networks

Convenings and Educational Webinars