Creating a collective knowledge base

In early 2017, SUMC embarked on a two-year partnership with the FTA to launch the Innovation and Knowledge Accelerator (IKA) to support the Mobility on Demand (MOD) Sandbox program, which funded innovative public transportation solutions, promotes their successful execution, and measures their impact.

Sharing Knowledge

The Mobility on Demand (MOD) Learning Center is a self-guided online educational tool that contains learning modules, case studies, state-of-the-art tools, and a large (and growing) library of shared mobility policies, projects, reports, and multimedia.
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SUMC and FTA hosted four semi-annual workshops for the MOD Sandbox grantees, their partners, and others interested in MOD.

MOD Sandbox Innovation and Knowledge Accelerator Workshop (5/14/19)
Attendees: 50, Independent event with real-world MOD demonstrations
Key Discussions: Risk sharing and liability, Mobility Data Specification, Complete MOD trips

Rail~Volution in Pittsburgh, PA (10/23-24/18)
Attendees: 80, In conjunction with Rail~Volution
Key Discussions: Payment Integration and MOD Business Models

National Shared Mobility Summit in Chicago, IL (3/12-13/18)
Attendees: 80+, In conjunction with SUMC National Shared Mobility Summit
Key Discussions: Trip-planning apps, Data sharing solutions, Engaging new mobility providers

APTA Annual Meeting & Expo in Atlanta, GA (10/11-12/17)
Attendees: 60, In conjunction with APTA Annual Meeting
Key Discussions: Accessibility, Data sharing challenges, Marketing on-demand services


SUMC continues to hold webinars to expand on learnings for transit agencies as well as the larger shared mobility industry.

Objective-driven Data-Sharing for Transit Agencies in Mobility Partnerships
Marketing Mobility on Demand Projects
Shared Mobility for People with Disabilities – Challenges and Opportunities for Paratransit

Tools for implementing new ideas


Objective-driven Data-Sharing for Transit Agencies in Mobility Partnerships
SUMC completed a white paper on data sharing agreements for transit agencies in mobility partnerships. The paper helps transit agencies considering MOD projects to think through what data and information they need to measure the effectiveness of their projects, understand the technical and legal challenges that they may encounter, and identify possible pathways to resolving them.

Access the executive summary, the full paper, and the webinar here. 

“The Shared-Use Mobility Center has been instrumental in bringing together MOD Sandbox grantees by providing a space between projects for knowledge-sharing, lessons learned, and best practices development among peer practitioners working to implement the never-before-accomplished.” – MOD Sandbox Grantee