MOD Sandbox

SUMC is working with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to support the successful implementation of 11 Mobility on Demand (MOD) projects around the United States by providing technical assistance, compiling best practices, and facilitating knowledge exchange between MOD Sandbox grantees.

The initiative is designed to help recipients of the FTA’s MOD Sandbox program funding build innovative and successful public transportation solutions and measure their impact. It is part of a larger research effort at the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) that supports transit agencies and communities as they integrate new mobility tools like smartphone apps, micromobility, and demand-responsive bus, and van services.

In October 2016, the FTA announced project selections for the $8 million in funding. Read about the 11 grantees in the 2016 round of the MOD Sandbox.

Innovation and Knowledge Accelerator

In early 2017, SUMC embarked on a two-year partnership with the FTA to develop the Innovation and Knowledge Accelerator (IKA) to help communities move forward to explore vital transportation options and innovations in paratransit, fare integration, first/last mile solutions, and more. The IKA initiative was created as a structure through which MOD Sandbox participants and others interested in implementing shared mobility programs can exchange ideas, discuss lessons learned, and offer mutual support. This learning network serves the following purposes:

  • Fosters innovation in areas such as system integration, partnerships, innovative business models, and equity of service delivery;
  • Identifies project-specific challenges and provides technical assistance to improve outcomes of MOD Sandbox projects;
  • Builds a shared knowledge base and accelerates learning on issues that affect the implementation of MOD projects; and
  • Develops resources for use by the wider MOD field.

As part of this initiative, SUMC has developed the MOD Learning Center, a self-guided online educational tool that contains learning modules on important topics, case studies to dive deeper into relevant programs, and a large repository of shared mobility policies and projects. SUMC is also drawing on the vast experience of its team in designing, implementing and researching shared mobility systems and its close relationships with the MOD grantees to produce helpful guides on specific issues and challenges around Mobility on Demand partnerships.


SUMC and FTA host semi-annual workshops for the MOD Sandbox grantees, their partners, and others interested in MOD.


SUMC conducts periodic webinars in support of the MOD program. If you missed previous webinars, you can view them here.


Objective-driven Data-Sharing for Transit Agencies in Mobility Partnerships
This 2019 white paper supports the decision-making process of transit agencies that are considering the deployment of MOD or similar integrated mobility solutions in partnership with private-sector mobility service providers. Based on observations from both inside and outside the Sandbox, approaches are given to address data-sharing challenges and help agencies obtain and analyze the data necessary to meet project goals. Download an executive summary featuring highlights and a decision tree here.