Tuesday Plenary Session

Welcome to Washington

Nick Donohue, Deputy Secretary of Transportation, Commonwealth of Virginia (Invited)

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) – (invited)

Setting the Stage: What’s New in Shared-Use Mobility?              Jump-start the conference by learning about the latest trends in shared-use mobility and its impacts on our local communities. Experts in the shared-use mobility field from carsharing, ridesharing, and bike sharing will review generational trends (e.g., Baby Boomers, Millennials) that shape the way we travel, give their perspectives on the latest mobility developments, and set the stage for an in-depth analysis of emerging issues.

Moderator:        Sharon Feigon, Executive Director, The Shared-Use Mobility Center

Susan Shaheen, Co-Director, Transportation Sustainability Research Center, University of California, Berkely

Gabe Klein, Senior Visiting Fellow, Urban Land Institute

John Martin, TITLE Southeastern Institute of Research

‘You complete me: How local governments are using Innovation to Complete Multimodal Transportation Systems’:  Integration of shared-use modes into a local governments suite of services is integral to putting together a truly multi-modal transportation system. In this session, hear transportation organizations discuss the impact of innovative mobility options on their operations and how they promote and integrate these services to enhance the rider experience. This session will actively address how shared-use operators, working with carsharing, bikesharing, and ridesharing can fill gaps and extend the reach of current systems.

Moderator:        Sue Zielinski, Managing Director, SMART, University of Michigan

Hillary Norton, Executive Director, Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic – FAST

Bibiana McHugh, IT Manager of GIS and Location-Based Service, TriMet – Portland, Oregon

Linda Bailey, Executive Director, National Association of City Transportation Officials

Luann Hamilton, Deputy Commissioner of Transportation, City of Chicago


Lunch Keynote – Breaking Down Modal Walls How Utah Transit Authority Has Help Pave a Path to Shared Success…

Jerry Benson, Utah Transit Authority, Chief Operating Officer


The Rider Experience – Meeting Rider Demand : This session will examine the current state of the rider experience as panelists discuss whether current transportation systems are meeting the demands and expectations of the general public. Using current data and case studies, panelists will discuss how transportation providers are adjusting service models to respond to changing demographics and rider expectations. How can shared-use providers respond to changing market conditions and fill service gaps in a range of environments (urban to suburban to rural)

Moderator:        David Bragdon, Executive Director, TransitCenter

Kari Edison Watkins, Assistant Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Tech University

Darren Buck, DC Department of Transportation, Bicycle Program Specialist

Phineas Baxandall, U.S. Public Interest Research Group, Senior Analyst and Program Director


Wednesday Plenary Sessions

A Match Made in Heaven?  How Can Local Governments and Shared Use Operators Work Together to Promote Innovative Transportation Modes? As shared-use mobility spreads through communities across the country, local officials are scrambling to react through the establishment of new legal and regulatory frameworks. This panel of local government officials and shared use-mobility providers highlight the challenges and opportunities facing cities and regions as they adapt to the emergence and growth of innovative transportation modes. How are operators and governments confronting the implementation of shared-use mobility systems? How can all parties work together to maximize public benefit?

Moderator:        Howard Jennings, Managing Director, Arlington Mobility Lab

Bill Dossett, Executive Director, Nice Ride Minnesota (Invited)

Timothy Papandreou, Deputy Director, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Sam Zimbabwe, Associate Director Policy, Planning & Sustainability Administration, Washington, DC Department of Transportation

Sean O’Sullivan, CEO, Carma

Innovation in Mobility the Evolving World of Transportation – The world of transportation is ever changing. The United States has a transportation policy that has focused on capital expansion. Innovation in Mobility will change the way we think about transportation, from the way corporations act, to the way the public gets around. This keynote speech will explore how innovation in mobility will change everything we thought about transportation and what the public sector needs to do in order to adapt.

                Peter Torrellas, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Optym

Closing Session: “Call to Action” Review and Next Steps:  Working group moderators report back the results of their breakout sessions and issue a charge to work together to transform policy in order to expand innovation in a way that suits the public’s needs.

                Sharon Feigon – Executive Director, Shared Use Mobility Center


Tuesday Breakout Sessions

Federal Funding & Policies Track

Show Me the Money.” What federal resources are available for shared-use operators, and how can you access these funds?  Want to know how to get Federal transportation funds for your project? This session will show you how. Federal transportation funding makes up a majority of all transportation spending. This session will demystify the process and teach you what you need to know about how to get Federal dollars to help start or expand a program.

Moderator:        Paul Dean, Founder, Dean & Dean Consulting

Beth Osborne, Vice President, Transportation and Development Services, Transportation for America

Richard Brockmyer, Strategic Planner, Utah Transit Authority

Jason Pavluchuk, Executive Director, Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Local Policies & Best Practices Track

Innovators are from Mars and the Public Sector is from Venus:   Transportation innovators and public sector agencies often speak different languages. This session dives into what drives innovators versus what drives the public sector. Hear from innovators who have been able to successfully work with the public sector to expand innovation and from local government sources on what they are looking for from innovators. Leave with a better understanding of how each side can get past the “language barrier’ to advance personal mobility without interpreters.

Moderator:        Ryan Johnson, Enterprise,

Scott Kubly, Senior Advisory, Altabike

Padden Murphy, GetAround

Dan Emerine, Transportation Planner, DC Office of Planning

Odile Beneflah, Senior Project Manager, Carpooling.com


Data, Integration, and New Innovation Track

What Gets Measured Gets Counted:  Data is key to so much. How do we integrate data to ensure the benefits are being properly captured and measured? What are the challenges to collecting good data? Why is it important for shared use mobility providers to share data? These questions and more will  be discussed in this panel as experts share the most recent data on shared-use transportation and highlight the importance of collecting accurate data as a tool to secure public funds, monitor/report benefits (e.g., VMT, emission reductions), and support public policy advocacy.

Moderator:        Tom Fairchild, Director, Arlington Mobility Lab

Ryan Chin, Managing Director City Science Initiative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab

Benno Bock, InnoZ

Norman Garrick, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut


Federal Funding & Policies Track

Doing Business with the Federal Government: While the public sector can help capitalize innovation, the funding comes with limitations and requirements. This session explores some of the perils associated with working with the public sector and receiving public sector funds. Panelists dive into what you need to know before looking at Federal funding as an option

Moderator:        Wendy Duren, Program Director, Arlington Transportation Partnets

Jon Martz, Vice President, V-Ride

Allen Greenberg, Congestion Management and Pricing Team, Federal Highway Administration

Jennifer Dotson, Executive Director, Ithaca Rideshare


Local Policies & Best Practices Track

Creating “Win-Win:” How Businesses, Developers, Non-Profits, and Governments Can Work Together to Expand Transportation Options  This session investigates how employers, developers, and innovative non-profits and local governments can work together and with transportation entrepreneurs to expand mobility choices and connect the traveling public with job sites and community services.

Moderator:        Stuart Baker, Edenred

Lee Sobel, Director of Public Strategies, RCL Co.

Luanna Huber, Director of TDM, The Walt Disney Company

Jeffrey Chernick, CEO, Ride Amigos

Lee Jones, Director of Sales, B-Cycle


Data, Integration, and New Innovation Track

From Dumb Wallets to Smart Cards: How Did You Pay for That? We are looking at a more seamless society where paying for things is becoming more integrated and effortless. However, as new fare collection systems emerge, a variety of technological and architectural hurdles exist. This session lays out those difficulties and explores what the public sector can do to help overcome those challenges to connect bikes to busses, cars to commuters and taxis to trains.

Moderator:        Jeffrey Spencer, ITS Program Manager, U.S. Federal Transit Administration

Larry Yermack, Strategic Advisor, Cubic Transportation Systems

Martin Schroeder, American Public Transportation Association, Chief Technology Office

Nicole Freedman, Director, Boston Bikes


Wednesday Breakout Sessions

Federal Funding & Policies Track

Make Congress Work for You – The Impacts of Federal Transportation Law on Expanding Innovative Mobility Options:  The evolving state of the federal transportation code offers challenges and opportunities to mobility innovators. This expert panel will discuss important issues such as federal funding opportunities, regulatory implementation of MAP-21, and performance metrics. In addition, experts from Capitol Hill summarize the status of the new authorization legislation and its potential impacts.

Moderator:        Jason Pavluchuk, Pavluchuk and Associates

Homer Carlisle, Professional Staff Member, US Senate Committee on Banking (Inivted)

Andrew Brady, Professional Staff Member, US House of Representatives Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure (Inivted)

Tom Kotarac, Office of Senator Richard Durbin

Peter Stephanos, Office of Transportation Performance Management, U.S. Federal Highway Administration (Inivted)


Local Policies & Best Practices Track

Meet Me at the Curb – How Local Land Use Policies Impact Mobility Innovations:  Many communities contend with existing land use, parking, or public rights-of-way regulations or are introducing new ones intended to balance public and private interests. What are the status and potential impacts of these local efforts?

 Moderator:        Melissa McMahon, TDM Field Coordinator, Arlington County Commuter Services

Soumya Dey, Acting Associate Director, District of Columbia Department of Transportation

Bill Knapp, COO, Car 2 Go

Rick Hutchison, City CarShare

Data, Integration, and New Innovation Track

One Stop Shopping for Mobility   Smartphone applications are emerging that aggregate mobility options for “one stop trip planning” and aspire to connect shared-use modes to public transit and integrate payment systems. What are the latest developments in this field?  What are the hurdles (e.g., equity, privacy, competition)? What are the role of the public and private sectors in promoting this new technology?

Paul Steinberg, Carma

Joseph Kopser, CEO, RideScout

David Emory, Co-Founder and Principal, Conveyal

Matt Caywood, Co-Founder, Transit Screen

Gretchen Effgen, ZipCar


Federal Funding & Policies Track

Innovations in Mobility: A Ladder to Opportunity or the New Lexus Lane?  This session explores issues related to expanding innovations to underserved segments of the population, including the elderly, disabled, economically disadvantaged, and rural communities. How can we assure equitable access to emerging innovative modes? What are the hurdles?

Moderator:        Michael Kodransky, Global Research Manager, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy

Heather Wheeler, Executive Director, Community Transportation Association of Idaho

Mariia Zimmerman, Principal and Founder, MZ Strategies, LLC

Bradley Schroeder,  Sustainable Transport Consultant, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

Creighton Randall, Buffalo CarShare


Local Policies & Best Practices Track

Ensuring Public Safety – Grappling with Insurance and Safety Policies Shared-use mobility providers and government officials must balance the growth of new transportation modes with the need to protect the public. Many communities have introduced regulations, ordinances and other policy measures that can either help or hinder shared-use providers. What are the status and potential impacts of these local efforts?


Moderator:        Guy Fraker, Co-Founder, get2kno

Sreten Gajic, Assurant

Emily Castor, Director of Community Relations, Lyft

Alan Woodland, Executive Director, Carshare Association

Russell Meddin, PhillyBikeShare


Data, Integration, and New Innovation Track

Fast Forward Future: Technological Innovations and Their Future Impact:  The innovation of yesterday is the reality of today. What’s next? This session will look at what the future holds and what can we do to prepare for the next wave of innovation.

Moderator:        Matthew Lesh, Transportation Program Specialist, U.S. Federal Transportation Administration

Tom Phillips, Leidos

Peter Sweatman, Director, University of Michigan Autonomous Car Center

Doug Lucy, Director of Marketing, Agilquest