Please direct all questions and comments about the MOD On-Ramp technical assistance program to [email protected]. This page will be updated periodically to reflect common questions.


Key Dates

What’s the relationship between the MOD On-Ramp and the MOD Sandbox?

The MOD On-Ramp and MOD Sandbox are both initiatives supporting FTA’s MOD vision of integrated and connected multi-modal network of safe, affordable, and reliable transportation options that are available to all, and the FTA is supporting the provision of technical assistance under the On-Ramp. However, participation in the Sandbox is not related to eligibility for the On-Ramp, and vice-versa. Projects developed under the On-Ramp should be able to credibly compete for any number of funding sources, from both the public and private sectors.

How much money will be available?

The participants selected for the On-Ramp will receive free technical assistance to turn their MOD idea into business plan, including workshops and other events in the selected projects’ locales. Part of the business plan development will be to help participants identify potential funding sources for implementation.

The On-Ramp will not provide any direct funding for the projects themselves, nor does selection for this program imply any guarantee of funding for implementation of the business plan developed in the program.

While there is no direct funding available for selected projects themselves, the On-Ramp may  help to cover participants’ travel expenses and other costs related to the business plan development, such as planning for local workshops and other events.

How much will the project cost my agency to participate?

No matching funds are needed from participants. The On-Ramp may help to cover participants’ travel expenses and other costs, such as planning for local workshops and other events. The participants will be expected to devote staff time and management support to work with the SUMC staff to plan local events and work on the MOD business plan.

Who will be making selections?

SUMC will convene an outside panel of experts and mobility practitioners review proposals based on criteria described in the RFP:

  1. Mobility Need
  2. Project Idea
  3. Community Support
  4. Agency Support

When will you announce the selected proposals?

Selected applicants will be notified Spring 2018.

Are proposals involving autonomous technology projects eligible?

Yes. All MOD related projects will be considered as long as they satisfy the basic eligibility requirements outlined in the RFP.

Is a proposal still eligible for selection if it don’t have all (or any) of the project partners identified yet?

Yes. Part of the On-Ramp is to work with participants to identify the appropriate set of final project partners for implementation. However, proposals that have identified and received initial support from potential project partners may be more favorably . In general, we are looking for communities who will benefit from the extensive technical assistance offered. You will want to explain how your partnership will enhance the proposed idea.

How should Title VI, the ADA, and other equity or civil rights issues be addressed?

The business plan ultimately developed in the On-Ramp will address key civil rights considerations, including compliance with US Department of Transportation Title VI regulations and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements. Proposals that demonstrate a clear understanding of accessibility issues and incorporate Title VI and ADA requirements into their project idea will be more favorably rated. FTA guidance on the applicability of civil rights requirements to mobility on demand projects and other new transportation models can be found at the links above, and an overview of the issues is available here.