Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am writing to let you know that at the end of 2020, I will be stepping down as Executive Director and into a new role as Founder-in-Residence at the Shared-Use Mobility Center. This shift will allow me to focus more deeply on some of the pressing transportation challenges facing our field while opening up an exciting opportunity for new leadership at SUMC.

Seven years ago, when I launched SUMC, none of us could have foreseen the dramatic changes ahead in the field of mobility-on-demand. We found ourselves in the right place at the right time. Private sector providers were taking off, public agencies were navigating new terrain and SUMC created an important bridge-building role, working to ensure the public interest was protected while encouraging innovation and an expanding menu of mobility options.

We made it through our own start-up phase and SUMC now occupies a crucial position as a thought-leader and convener. SUMC provides a voice of conscience for a rapidly changing field, shaping the key mobility questions of our time. The organization is strong, and our programs continue to expand and make an impact. Our staff is incredibly talented and dedicated, having become experts in shaping a better mobility landscape in communities throughout the country.

Founding and leading SUMC has been one of the most meaningful and fulfilling experiences of my life. My passion for expanding opportunities for equitable, accessible, environmentally sound, multimodal transportation has been fed by this organization, its staff, and the many colleagues and partners with whom we work.

In my new role as Founder-in-Residence, I will continue to strategically support SUMC and the field by providing the benefit of my years of experience. I plan to launch a project to address the urgent need for new public/private business models and financing strategies that can successfully support growing multimodal transportation for all.

You will continue to hear from me, and SUMC, in the months and years to come. I wanted to relay this news to you first, as a friend and valued partner, to let you know how grateful I am to everybody who has been helping to build this field. You’ve been essential to our success so far, and will continue to be for our future.

Please help spread the word with friends and colleagues about the search we now have under way for SUMC’s next Executive Director, who will begin in January, 2021.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about SUMC, my new role, or anything else.


Sharon Feigon