SUMC has developed a toolkit to help cities and public sector leaders better realize the benefits of shared mobility.

Shared Mobility Policy Database

SUMC’s database summarizes nearly 1000 of the most important shared-use mobility policies, pilots, studies and strategic plans in the United States. The database helps researchers and public officials access best practices and determine how other jurisdictions are addressing regulation of Transportation Network Companies such as Uber and Lyft, microtransit, dockless and dock-based bikesharing, carsharing, real-time technology and other new developments in shared mobility.

Interactive Mapping and Opportunity Analysis Tool

SUMC’s web-based mapping and opportunity analysis tool pinpoints shared mobility vehicle locations in more than 50 North American cities to help local governments understand the state and scope of shared mobility infrastructure in their regions. The tool also incorporates census data, transit quality, and other information to help cities better understand where greater service is needed, and what shared modes the market can support.

Shared Mobility Benefits Calculator

SUMC’s benefits calculator allows cities to model the impacts of various shared mobility
growth scenarios. Cities can use the online calculator to quickly assess potential decreases
in greenhouse gas emissions, reductions in vehicle miles traveled and other benefits from
implementing various transportation improvements.