By Jerold Chinn

SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose said that the program would help remove cars off the road as The City continues to grow:“Every car-share vehicle in the program could remove approximately 10 cars off the road. This program will allow the city to continue to grow while still giving people access to a car when they need it.”

Rose said there was no official date yet when the parking spots will be converted but said the pilot will launch sometime this summer.
The conversion of these spaces is part of two-year pilot approved by the board last July that reserves up to 900 out of the total 275,500 on-street parking spaces in The City for car-sharing companies.

Three companies qualified for the pilot included the Bay Area’s nonprofit City CarShare, San Francisco’s Getaround and Zipcar, a national car-sharing company.

So far the three companies have requested a total of 450 parking spaces.

Each car-sharing company will pay a monthly permit fee for each to space to the SFMTA. Fees could range from $50 to $225 depending on the location of the parking space, according to the transit agency.

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Image by Katherine McGuire on her blog