SUMC regularly conducts webinars and briefings on shared mobility trends, policy issues and emerging best practices. Below is a summary of recent webinars conducted by SUMC and our partners. You can learn more about each session–including a written summary, speaker powerpoints, and recordings of the live presentations–by visiting the Shared Mobility Policy Database link provided.

Microtransit Public-Private Partnerships (September 2019)
Transit agencies and cities are looking toward public-private partnerships as a potential solution to provide transit connections where fixed-route transit may not be feasible given density, connectivity, or other land-use considerations. This webinar explored four public-private partnerships across the U.S. that have used microtransit and partnerships with transportation network companies to meet various needs within their communities.

Objective-Driven Data Sharing for Transit Agencies in Mobility Partnerships (July 2019)
A primary challenge for transit agencies in implementing Mobility on Demand (MOD) solutions has been reaching an agreement between the public and private partners over data sharing. Drawing on lessons learned from the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) MOD Sandbox program and beyond, this webinar aims to help transit agencies overcome this hurdle by determining the right data-sharing approach for their project and considering the benefits and trade-offs of various options.

Approaches to Working with TNCs (Transportation Network Companies) (May 2019)
The North Carolina Department of Transportation held a webinar on the topic, “Approaches to Working with TNCs (Transportation Network Companies).”
The webinar featured an overview on shared mobility and TNC partnerships by Sharon Fiegon, Executive Director, Shared-Use Mobility Center, followed by two presentations that discussed local TNC partnership examples. The local TNC partnership examples were led by Olaf Kinard, Director of Marketing, Communications & Technology, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) and Mary Kate Morookian, Transit Service Planner, GoTriangle/GoDurham.

Mobility on Demand On-Ramp RFP Information (February 2018)
SUMC held an informational webinar to provide an overview of the On-Ramp program and to give prospective applicants the opportunity to ask questions. The On-Ramp program, part of a partnership with the Federal Transit Administration, provides an opportunity for transit agencies and other transportation providers with promising ideas to expand on-demand mobility to receive expert assistance to develop business plans and other project-building strategies. Selected participants will engage in a comprehensive, year-long process that could involve supported engagement, peer mentoring, research, and other activities.

Marketing Successful Mobility on Demand Pilot Projects (December 2017)
The webinar brought Mobility on Demand (MOD) leaders together to talk about effective approaches public and private transportation providers are using to market and educate the public about new MOD services. The speakers included: Sharon Feigon, Executive Director of the Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC), Bonnie Epstein and Juan Luvian from the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), Jumana Nabti, Strategy Lead of MTC 511 Carpool Program, from SwitchPoint Planning, and Jeff Becker and Brian Matthews from the Denver area’s Regional Transportation District.

Shared Mobility for People with Disabilities – Challenges and Opportunities for Paratransit (September 2017)
This webinar brought together leading public-sector experts to discuss new approaches transit agencies are exploring to increase flexibility and responsiveness of paratransit services for users while reducing costs and complying with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. This session was part of the Federal Transit Administration-supported Mobility-On Demand (MOD) Sandbox Information Knowledge Accelerator (IKA).

App-Based Solutions for an Integrated Transportation Network (April 2017)
App-based solutions are being implemented by a growing number of transit agencies around the country, from mobile ticketing to comprehensive trip planning, making mobile technology a key component for integrated transportation systems in the future. In April 2017, SUMC conducted a webinar that brought together leading experts to offer leading examples of app-based solutions.

Creating & Implementing Public-Private Shared Mobility Partnerships (February 2017)
In February 2017, SUMC held a webinar that showcased examples of leading P3s and discussed what it takes to make such arrangements successful, from formulating ideas to structuring contracts and managing procurement. The webinar also covered how transportation and policy experts can use SUMC’s Shared Mobility Toolkit to dig deeper into P3s.

Transportation Equity & Shared Mobility: Case Studies and Applications for SUMC’s Shared Mobility Toolkit (December 2016)
This webinar examined different approaches to help expand transportation options in disadvantaged communities, including through the use of carshare, bikeshare, shuttles, TNCs, and senior-focused mobility services. It also offered more information on how SUMC’s Shared Mobility Toolkit can support planning related to shared mobility and transportation equity while diving into related policies and programs.

First/Last Mile Supportive Policies & Plans (October 2016)
SUMC’s October 2016 webinar explored ways to build first/last mile connections to transit using shared mobility. The webinar included presentations from SUMC Executive Director Sharon Feigon along with guest speakers who covered a wide range of first/last mile solutions, from bikeshare in Houston to one-way carshare in Oakland and the role that TNCs can play in helping to support transit.

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