What is Shared Mobility?

How Does Shared Mobility Work with Transit?

Threat or value add?

Are We Using Streets Effectively?

Exploring efficient street design and use of public space

How Can We Better Serve Diverse Communities?

Extending the public benefits of shared mobility for all

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Can Uber and Lyft Make Carpooling Cool?

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Each year, Austin’s SXSW festival brings together the nation’s leading trendsetters to discuss the latest in tech and innovation. Meanwhile, companies stage elaborate promotions – ranging from Tinder pranks to…

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U.S. PIRG Report on Mobility Features SUMC Analysis

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The Shared-Use Mobility Center contributed to a new report from the U.S. PIRG Education Fund and Frontier Group exploring how well American cities are using technology-enabled services and tools for…

Live.Ride.Share. Workshop Recap

SUMC conducted a unique “Mobility 2.0” workshop on bike, car and ride-sharing at the Live.Ride.Share conference in LA on February 23. View the wrap-up here.

What’s Happening in the Shared Mobility Industry?

Cities with Carsharing

Traditional carsharing services are currently operating in nearly 280 North American cities.

Bikesharing Systems

Bikesharing systems have launched in more than 75 North American cities.

Cities with TNCs

Ridesourcing or Transportation Networking Companies (TNCs) are operating in approximately 140 cities in North America.