How to Create Successful P3s

10 Tips from Shared Mobility Leaders


Expanding Shared Mobility for All

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EV Carshare Launches in LA

BlueLA to Serve Disadvantaged Communities


LA Shared Mobility Action Plan

Goal: Take 100k Cars off the Road in Los Angeles County


Shared Mobility Toolkit For Cities

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Why is One of the Nation’s Oldest Bikesharing Systems Going Dockless?

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Nice Ride Minnesota, which originally launched in 2010 as one of the nation’s first bikeshare programs, recently announced its plans to transition to a dockless system that uses GPS and…

How to Create a Shared Mobility Market Report for Your Neighborhood

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly create a report showing all the shared mobility infrastructure in a specific neighborhood? And what if you could add other data layers,…

National Shared Mobility Summit

The next National Shared Mobility Summit, featuring the latest developments in bikesharing, carsharing, ride-hailing, microtransit and more, will take place in downtown Chicago in Spring 2018. More details to come soon!

What’s Happening in the Shared Mobility Industry?

Cities with Carsharing

Traditional carsharing services are currently operating in more than 400 North American cities.

Cities with Bikesharing

More than 120 North American cities have launched bikesharing systems.

Cities with TNCs

Ridesourcing or Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) are operating in more than 300 cities in North America.