Dear American City,

The pressure is great. Your planners, strategists, engineers, and consultants must plan mobility goals and GHG emission reduction targets using actionable estimates. You need a base from which to work. 

SUMC created the Shared Mobility Benefits (“Emissions”) Calculator so you can estimate emissions savings by incorporating a modal mix of shared mobility options and transportation scenarios—and find out which services may help turn your greenhouse gas mitigation goals into concrete plans.

It does this for over 300 U.S. cities. For each one, you’ll see transportation statistics and then choose how you want to set your emissions reductions.

With Fixed, you enter your desired emissions reduction target.

With Mixed, you set the mix of shared mobility options, modal electrification, telecommuting, and more.

These figures are derived from research publications and shared mobility user surveys in the US and other developed nations. If you have questions or wish to create an action plan for your city, please contact our Director for the Learning Center and Accessibility Programs Albert Benedict at [email protected].