Last year’s National Shared Mobility Summit generated some rave reviews, including this great blog post from carshare operator Innova EV. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Panel after trailblazing panel featured shared mobility experts from government, trade, advocacy groups and nonprofits, and had attendees on the edge of their seats as well as their Twitter feeds… An event like Woodstock doesn’t happen every day, but one would hope that the torch is carried with plans for another Shared Mobility Summit in 2016.”

We were glad last year’s conference was so well received, and are happy to say that the 2016 National Shared Mobility Summit is only weeks away! (Don’t forget to register here). Innova’s post also got us thinking… maybe the National Shared Mobility Summit is kinda like Woodstock.

It’s three days long, it brings together “those in the know” from across the nation and, of course, it promises to be a memorable experience. But that’s just a start. Here are 5 reasons why this year’s National Shared Mobility Summit promises to be the “Woodstock” of shared mobility:

1. It’s a mind-altering experience.

While we discourage the use of controlled substances at the conference,  that doesn’t mean your mind won’t be blown. There is so much disruption and change happening in urban transportation that it’s almost impossible to stay on top of it all. This is your once-a-year chance to keep on the cutting edge – and personally meet the innovators making it happen. While other conferences may dabble in shared mobility, #SUMC16 is your chance to tumble all the way down the rabbit hole. We promise to have your head spinning!

2. It’s about bringing together the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Like Jimi Hendrix asked, “Are you experienced?” This isn’t a conference for the weekend warrior. It’s a gathering place for the doers, the implementers, the visionaries, the brave people making change happen – day in and day out – on the streets of our nation’s cities. Do you want to hear from Portland’s DOT about how they launched one of the nation’s largest flexible bikeshare networks? Do you want to ask GM how their brand new one-way carsharing service is working in Detroit? This is the place to do it

3. It features new up-and-comers.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young had played only one previous show together prior to Woodstock in 1969. Santana was relatively unknown before the band’s performance, which was considered one of the festival’s best. We’ve got plenty of established players in the line-up at the 2016 National Shared Mobility Summit – from Zipcar and car2go to Uber and Lyft – but we’ve got plenty of up-and-comers, too. Have you heard of Liberty, the start-up trying to be the “Uber” for rural America? How about Zyp, the nation’s first electric bikeshare system? Or RideAustin, the first nonprofit TNC? Be sure to come meet them at this year’s summit

4. It’s of the people, by the people and for the people.

This isn’t some corporate jam, baby. We’re not trying to sell you a product. We don’t have ulterior motives. This event is about all of us in the industry – public sector, private sector, academic and nonprofit – working together to advance the issues that matter and help make our cities work better for everyone. We’re proud to carry forward the mission of the very first shared mobility summit, which took place in San Francisco back in 2013 (before anybody knew what shared mobility was!)

5. It marks the dawn of a new era.

Just like Woodstock marked an important cultural shift, the 2016 National Shared Mobility Summit also comes at a pivotal moment in time. Self-driving Uber cars are now transporting passengers on the streets of Pittsburgh. Reports suggest we are nearing “peak auto.” Car companies are launching new mobility experiments and preparing for a future where Henry Ford’s vision of a “car in every garage” is no longer relevant.

It’s no secret – the way that people work, move and live is about to change forever. But, as they say, the revolution will not be televised. So be sure to join us in Chicago on October 17-19 for the 2016 National Shared Mobility Summit where you can get updates on the latest research and pilots, network with the newest companies and collaborate with other transportation and policy leaders to tackle the tough issue and help make the world a better place. We hope to see you there – register today!

Image credit: Wikimedia