There are many benefits to living car-free, from reduced transportation costs to increased use of walking, biking and other forms of active transit. Now, you can add another perk to the list – if you ditch your wheels in the next two weeks you can attend the 2015 national shared mobility summit Move Together for free.

Hosted by the Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) and the North American Bike Share Association (NABSA), Move Together will bring transportation and policy leaders from across the country to Chicago on September 28-30 to discuss new developments in shared mobility, foster collaboration between the public and private sectors, and explore new solutions related to carsharing, bikesharing, ridesourcing and more.

“Together, these new modes create a robust network of mobility choices that can enhance existing public transit systems, fill in transportation gaps and make it easier for people to live well without owning a car,” said Sharon Feigon, SUMC’s executive director.

A free conference registration will just be the beginning of savings for anyone who decides to go car-free, she said. For instance, according to a study by AAA, the average American car-owner spends nearly $9,000 each year after gas, insurance, maintenance and other expenses.

To celebrate shared mobility and highlight the value of car-free living, Move Together will offer free registration – a $250 value – to any one attendee who decides to permanently curb his or her single occupancy vehicle and embrace car-free living.

Participants can apply by sending proof of their car sale to [email protected] along with a 500-word “alternative transportation plan” that explains why they are going car-free and provides an overview of their plan for getting around without using a private auto.

For more information on the national Move Together summit, visit

Contest Details

Overview: The promotion is limited to one winner. The first valid participant to go car-free will receive a complimentary Private Sector Registration for the SUMC Conference: (Mon-Tues), valued at $250.

Rules & Eligibility: Participants must live within the United States and currently own a car, and must attend the summit to redeem the complementary registration (not transferable). To quality, participants must write a 500 word “alternative transportation plan” that explains why they are going car-free and provides an overview of their plan getting around without using a car. Participants must also show physical proof that they have ditched their automobile, as well as take a picture of themselves next to their new preferred choice of transportation. Through participating in this promotion, participants agree to be featured on SUMC’s website, newsletter and social media channels.

Restrictions: Registration is not refundable and the conference organizer is not required to offer any substitutions, cash redemptions, or alternative to prizes awarded under this promotion.