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Gia Biagi, Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation
Gia Biagi is an urban planner and designer who was appointed Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) by Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot in December 2019. As Commissioner, she oversees the department responsible for Chicago’s transportation infrastructure, systems, regulations, and policies focused on complete streets, climate adaptation, and new mobility. Previously, Biagi was a Principal at Studio Gang Architects, where her work centered on how to move toward equity, mutuality, and positive change in cities.

Nuria Fernandez, Administrator, Federal Transit Administration
Nuria Fernandez is the 15th Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), a role she holds after being appointed Deputy Administrator and senior FTA official. Nuria came to FTA after serving as General Manager and CEO of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. Fernandez, a 35-year industry veteran, held leadership positions at the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Chicago Transit Authority, and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Peter Norton, Associate Professor of History, University of Virginia (UVA)
Peter Norton is an associate professor of history in the Department of Engineering and Society at the UVA. Norton has also been a visiting faculty member at the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands and is a member of the University of Virginia’s Center for Transportation Studies. He is the author of Fighting Traffic: The Dawn of the Motor Age in the American City (MIT Press), and of Autonorama: The Illusory Promise of High-Tech Driving (Island Press, 2021). Norton is a frequent speaker on sustainable and equitable urban mobility.

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Learn about Clean Mobility Options for Underserved Communities 
The Clean Mobility Options Voucher Pilot Program (CMO) awarded nearly $1.15M in Community Transportation Needs Assessments (CTNA) Vouchers to 24 recipients to evaluate mobility needs in disadvantaged and historically under-resourced communities. On October 27, CMO hosted a virtual meeting to celebrate these Community Transportation Needs Assessments awardees, highlighting their accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned. Watch the Video

Help Build Our New Shared-Use Mobility Directory!
Knowledge sharing is crucial for fostering people-focused shared mobility for all. That’s why SUMC’s Mobility on Demand Learning Center is seeking input for a new public directory for mobility providers, software providers, vehicle suppliers, infrastructure suppliers, and everyone in between. If you or your company actively engage with shared mobility, please fill out this quick survey to join the Shared-Use Mobility Directory. Take me to the survey

Mobility Justice

A December court order in New York City ruled that the lack of accommodations at the city’s intersections violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. This decision (hopefully) means 9,000 accessible crossings by the end of 2031.

Your convenient commute will cost you. New research from the University of California finds that wealthier, whiter people in LA County tend to have shorter commuting times than Black, Asian, and Hispanic people in lower-income areas.

What started as public transit credits for low-income individuals in the Portland region has morphed into a mobility equity program called the Transportation Wallet that offers various free credits for shared modes of travel.


EV ridehailing is a lifeline for farmworkers in Huron, CA. Called Green Raiteros, the program is an adaptation of a community carpooling system that workers used for decades. Launched in 2018, it’s finally getting national attention.

SUMC is proud to have worked with Huron Mayor León, the Latino Environmental Advancement & Policy Institute (LEAP), the EV fast-charging network EVgo, and the Fresno County Rural Transit Authority on the initiative. Learn more about Green Raiteros and this partnership on our site.

Turo is going public! The peer-to-peer carsharing platform is one of the first major initial public offerings of 2022 on the New York Stock Exchange, and speculators estimate that the deal could hit up to $300 million.

European ridehail leader Bolt has raised a hefty €628 million in the latest funding round, putting the company at a whopping €7.4 billion. CEO Markus Villig noted in an interview that “there’s no urgency” for an IPO filing.

Bikesharing & Micromobility

Among cycling’s many benefits is indicating the quality of life in a community, including socioeconomic development and health. TheCityFix dives deeper into these and other learnings from the EU-funded Cycling for All project.

E-bikes outpaced electric car sales in the US two to one yet will likely receive peanuts in tax credits compared to four-wheeled EVs in Biden’s Build Back Better Act (currently stuck in Senate deliberations).

Cycling enthusiasts will cycle. But as Chicago biking advocate and Streetsblog writer John Greenfield points out, regular folks may be hindered by non-protected, on-street bikeways. These “folks” include women, families with children and seniors.


Interested in easing budget constraints and cutting emissions with a unified mobility ecosystem? Transloc created a helpful guide to multimodal transit to help you do just that.

COVID-19 forced transit agencies to come face to face with folks that make up the backbone of ridership. It will be a slow shift from commuter-focused transit, but initiatives like fare-free programs work better for essential riders—overwhelmingly those with a low income, and people of color.

New transit projects are popping up for the new year! The DCist highlights ten you can look forward to taking advantage of around the nation’s capital—including Metro improvements and more bike lanes.

A new study investigating the relationship between the weather and transit ridership patterns showed there are fewer fair-weathered riders during peak hours. Read the full study to see the breakdown by passenger and trip type.


Secretary Pete is calling for policymakers to prioritize innovation, not for its own sake, but for the public good. The US DOT leads by example with policies supporting workers, helping the environment and advancing social equity.

Transportation is just the tip of the EV iceberg. Those batteries operating vehicles can help prevent power blackouts, stabilize the US’s crumbling electric grid, and make solar and wind energy more reliable, if we get enough people to give up the gas pump.

Autonomous rideshare is arriving in Miami thanks to an industry-first collaboration between Lyft, Ford, and Argo AI. These mobility bigwigs aren’t done there either but are looking west next toward Austin, TX.

May Mobility and Via launch three unique autonomous vehicle services (including Arlington’s RAPID project featured in our Learning Center) in only 8 months! Learn more on Via’s site.


By focusing on rural communities and transit deserts and leveraging technology we already have, the Infrastructure Bill can take a giant step forward in reducing personal vehicle use to cut emissions.

Climate neutrality and transport equity go hand in hand, and mobility budgets may be the tool that promotes both. This study investigates this solution and provides policy recommendations.

France is taking monumental steps to combat the climate crisis—starting with car commercials. Automakers in France must promote walking, cycling, and transit in advertisements. The car-loving U.S. won’t replicate this, but we can dream, right?

Project Funding Opportunities

South Placer Microtransit Software Solution Implementation
The County of Placer, City of Roseville, and City of Auburn
Northern California
Deadline: January 20

RFI: Research Triangle Park Micromobility Service Provider
Research Triangle Park District
Durham, NC
Deadline: January 24

RFP: Action Plan for Electrification and Growth
Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA)
Providence, RI
Deadline: February 15

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