ChicagoInno (August 11th): Getaround Wants You to Rent Your Car to Your Neighbor in Chicago

By August 12, 2015December 8th, 2015Press

A San Francisco car-sharing startup has officially launched in Chicago to let people quickly borrow their neighbor’s car, and give owners a chance to earn some money off their idle vehicles.

Getaround currently has 50 cars available in Chicago after its beta launch, and Co-Founder Jessica Scorpio said the startup is expecting Chicago to be a strong car-sharing market.

Getaround’s Chicago launch coincides with the startup’s participation in a two-year federally funded study of peer-to-peer car sharing in Chicago. Getaround is working with the Shared Use Mobility Center and the Center for Neighborhood Technology to analyze the best car sharing practices and to see how to improve service city-wide.

“We really want to see peer-to-peer car sharing expand and do well because we think for cities it’s an amazing solution,” said Shared-Use Mobility Center Executive Director Sharon Feigon. “You’re not adding anymore cars. You’re saving people money. You’re helping the people who provide the cars make some money. It’s really potentially good all around, both environmentally and economically.”


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