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Have you signed up for the virtual summit? With over 20 sessions in 2 days, you’ll be glad you did.

How did our Summit go virtual so fast? Smart Cities Dive asked our Executive Director, Sharon Feigon

Transitioning a comprehensive national summit with nearly 800 people and a spectrum of sessions and events into a virtual format is no small feat. Smart Cities Dive asked Shared-Use Mobility Center Founder and Executive Director Sharon Feigon how she’s doing it right now. Read the interview. 

Live Today: The Shared-Use Mobility Center’s Outlook for a Post-Pandemic Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected transportation agencies and mobility services alike. While we are still in the middle of this ongoing crisis, quick responses, amazing data analysis, creativity, and dedication is helping essential workers provide the services that help keep us safe. While a number of organizations have cataloged these methods, we take a somewhat longer view here and consider how mobility for all can be positive and beneficial in the coming years as we are reshaped by the lessons and needs coming out of this crisis. Read: Moving Forward From COVID-19.

New Case Study on the Learning Center: COVID-19 Crisis Impact on Transit & Shared Mobility

Get the facts and smart perspectives about the pandemic’s effects on transit, shared mobility, ridehailing, micromobility and microtransit in this report.

Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development Webinar

Thursday, April 16 from noon – 1 p.m., CT
DePaul University will explore key lessons learned from public-private partnerships to provide on-demand service in, 21 Key Takeaways from Partnerships between Public Transit Providers & Transportation Network Companies in the United States. Learn More and register.


Uber will start listing delivery, food production, and grocery jobs in its app in a move to help ridehail drivers who are low on trips find work.

Communauto carsharing in Edmonton, AB is offering free trips to healthcare workers to assist with mobility options during the COVID-19 crisis.

VIDEO: Hear how Estonian ridehailing platform Bolt is helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 with new features like an “Isolated Cars” category and has a new delivery service for essential workers.

Miami-Dade County is attempting to halt its nightly bus service, with a plan to replace it with Uber and Lyft rides in a move to slow down costs and help reverse recent cuts to daytime service.

Partnerships and Programs

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy recently released a feasibility study that details a proposed multi-use trail spanning 220 miles between Cleveland and Pittsburgh and how it could bring many community and economic development benefits around the route.

In a new joint venture, Toyota and Chinese battery maker BYD are partnering up to launch a new electric vehicle company to reach more EV consumers in China.

Austin-based ridehail company Hitch is adding new routes and cutting prices- up to 50% private car rides- to help people who still need intercity travel options during the pandemic.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit and the City have joined forces to deliver care packages to seniors in the surrounding area using transit buses, also in efforts to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

Bikesharing and Micromobility

In a time when mobility access is crucial for essential workers and healthcare professionals, micromobility options such as bikeshare and dockless scooters are adding a lifeline of transportation in cities to help various industries grapple with constrained transit networks.

Nice Ride bikeshare in Minneapolis is slowly bringing bikes back into its system during MN’s limited travel order while giving healthcare workers a free month of membership to increase low-cost mobility options.

In the midst of our current global health crisis, dockless scooters have vanished from Atlanta as city officials suspend all e-scooter operations while mulling over stricter regulations.

The PeopleForBikes Foundation is offering grants to nonprofit or city-owned/operated shared micromobility systems to help programs during the pandemic. Learn more on the Better Bike Share Partnership site.


A new initiative from TransLoc, Ride Systems and DoubleMap, who are part of Ford Mobility, aims to give transit agencies free software and consulting services to help with demand response transportation planning.

In an environment where transportation demand has shifted in cities worldwide, CitiesSpeak rounds up how many are working to keep mobility ecosystems running and reliable, especially for those who need it the most.

The Transport Workers Union of America and the Amalgamated Transit Union are working together to boost safety precautions and resources for transit workers across the US, starting with providing masks and gloves to members of the unions.

Even if you fall under the category of non-essential services during our worldwide lockdown, public transit is still a key part of your lifeline because many healthcare workers and people who work within our cities’ supply chains depend on reliable bus and train schedules.


Electric vehicles currently aim for zero tailpipe emissions, but what if an EV could also clean air as it moves through the streets? The Hyundai Prophecy concept is looking at how EVs could use an air filtration system to keep both the inside and outside of the car pollution-free.

The company OurStreets will be using its crowdsourced traffic reporting app to help people check and report on the status of essential items in stock at grocery and convenience stores with its new Supplies feature.

Charging your electric vehicle on the go and with ease is inching closer to reality with French-startup Gazelle Tech’s prototype EV that has a built-in retractable cover that can charge the car with solar power.

Autonomous shuttles provided by Beep and NAVYA are helping transport medical supplies to a Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL as part of a new pilot program to support healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.

Urban Sustainability

New data from the New York’s Department of Finance shows that even with vehicle traffic down across the city, drivers are still speeding more than ever. This should give cities all the more reason to close streets down from car traffic and open them up for the people.

Meanwhile, Denver and Minneapolis are doing just that and leading the charge in hosting car-free streets to help reclaim public space for pedestrians and cyclists in response to the ongoing pandemic.

Check out Grist’s recent green transportation and walkable cities piece from the their Climate 101 educational series for parents and educators that uses hands-on activities, videos, and discussion questions to teach kids about the environment and climate change.

Bored at home and want to give your kids (and yourself) some fun, transit-themed activities? Mass Transit Magazine has got you covered with their roundup of self-isolation activity kits from US transit agencies.

Requests for Proposals, Inquiries, and Information

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Notice of Funding Opportunity Extended: The FTA’s Accelerating Innovative Mobility Challenge Grants have been extended until May 18, 2020. These funds support innovation throughout the transit industry by promoting forward-thinking approaches to improve transit system design, service, and financing. Learn more and apply here.

RFP: Intelligent Transportation Systems
Missoula Urban Transportation District (Mountain Line)
Missoula, MO
Deadline: April 24, 2020

RFP: Paratransit Demand Response Services
Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority Proposal # 2020-15
Deadline: April 30, 2020

RFP: Request for Proposals for Paratransit Services
Green Mountain Transit Authority
St. Albans, VT
Deadline: June 17, 2020
Email Matt Kimball for RFP at [email protected]

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