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NEW SUMC Webinar: Microtransit & Public-Private Partnerships
September 24, 2019 | 1:00 to 2:30 CDT

Transit agencies and cities are looking toward public-private partnerships as a potential solution to provide transit connections where fixed-route transit may not be feasible given density, connectivity, or other land-use considerations. This webinar will explore four public-private partnerships across the U.S. that have used microtransit and partnerships with transportation network companies to meet various needs within their communities. Presenters include SUMC, King County Metro, Sound Transit, the Cities of Newton, Massachusetts, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Arlington, Texas, and Via.

Remembering 9.11.01


Even with kid-focused ridehail startups, teens find themselves looking to Uber and Lyft for solo rides after school, even if it isn’t exactly legal. New data from debit card company Current shows that transactions made to these companies combined follow Apple as the second-highest recipient of teen spending.

A new study from the University of Washington Urban Freight Lab shows how adding more passenger load zones in certain parts of bustling Seattle decreased double-parking issues and traffic mishaps, making pickups and dropoffs 42 seconds faster than the average time.

Don’t have a phone? If you’re at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, you can book an Uber on dedicated kiosks.

Ridehail to your carshare? Lyft now offers a carshare-rental hybrid service that will give you $40 in ride credit to get to and from the car location.

Partnerships and Programs

Energy company Dominion Energy will help Virginia roll out 50 electric school buses in the company’s service areas as part of an initial launch in the state, with plans to have 1,000 EV buses on the road by 2025.

Shelby County, TN Mayor Lee Harris announced a proposed measure that would create more funding for the Memphis Area Transit Authority through a flat-rate fee for households that registers “third and additional” vehicles in a move to cut traffic congestion and emissions.

London will have the largest electric bus fleet in Europe following the city’s announcement to fully electrify two double-decker bus routes. Great work Transport for London!

A new framework out of the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations aims to guide autonomous vehicle priorities to help the United Nations on self-driving car development while ensuring safety and compliance on roads.

Bikesharing and Micromobility

Chicago’s Divvy bikeshare is working with local organizations to help build bike education and job training in the area for young Chicagoans and students.Strong, active mobility communities are always needed.

Spin will bring charging docks for its dockless scooters to DC and Northern Virginia to keep sidewalk clutter to a minimum. Let’s see if this catches on.

A report from research group INRIX found that around 50% of trips under three miles in 10 major US metros could be replaced by micromobility options like shared bikes and scooters, which would be a win for the environment and America’s serious congestion issues.

CityLab took a spin on Revel’s shared moped service to see how the electric, two-wheeled fleet stands against the dockless scooter options around the District.


Transportation researcher Yonah Freemark takes a hard look at the long-term decline of transit ridership happening (mostly) all over the US and how it compares to the experience in French cities.

Fresh off the IndyGo BRT Redline launch, people are excited to have finally reached an integral goal in revitalizing transit use in Indianapolis but the question remains: what about the rest of Central Indiana?

The FTA has approved a workable plan for Honolulu’s proposed 20-mile rail line, making way for the city to receive $744 million through a grant funding agreement for the project.

APTA has a new report on the transportation needs of late-shift workers and how transit agencies, employers, and local governments are consolidating efforts “to help this often-overlooked constituency of transit riders.” Read more on Curbed.


Microsoft wants to help self-driving car manufacturers and startups develop autonomous driving systems with its existing Connected Vehicle Program and new driverless vehicle program.

TomTom is ramping up it’s autonomous vehicle testing with its updated HD mapping and self-driving test car.

GetThereATX.com is a new trip-planning and information website for the Austin, TX region that brings educational resources, mobility options, and user-specific solutions to help locals and visitors get around the city.

Daimler is showing no signs in slowing down its self-driving freight truck endeavors and now the company is testing Level 4 autonomous big rigs on public roads in Virginia.

Urban Sustainability

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute Urban Mobility Report, infamous for it’s focus on highways and roads, shows that congestion is getting worse even with commute times staying about the same. CityLab believes it’s the low density of sprawling cities is the root of it all.

The Chicago Department of Transportation has potential plans for more bike lanes in the city’s Far South side where bikeways are sparce. Local bike advocacy groups are rallying behind the cause with full support.

Architect David Ross Scheer heralds the benefits of high-density development in Salt Lake City where walkability, sustainable living, and transit use could increase as long as good building design is considered.

Sustainable transit is booming in Latin American metros like Medellín and Santiago as bus ridership soars and electric bus fleets become a driving force.

Requests for Proposals, Qualifications, or Information

Notice of Rideshare Pilot Program
Pace Suburban Bus
Deadline: October 1, 2019

RFP: 2021 Transportation Alternatives Program
Kansas Department of Transportation
Deadline: November 1, 2019

RFP: Uber Mobility Research Grants Fund
Deadline: December 1, 2019

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