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Southern mobility innovation is rolling ahead!

Take a trip down to the US’ Southeast region through SUMC’s Mobility Learning Center. In the state of Georgia, a fare-free autonomous shuttle pilot outside of Atlanta is helping the city of Peachtree Corners and innovation hub Curiosity Lab test self-driving tech on a 3-mile fixed route.

Over in North Carolina, Wave Transit’s RideMICRO has set up on-demand services in the Wilmington area. Heading west, the Morrisville Smart Shuttle helps residents reach destinations like a community center, a library, and the Research Triangle Park business district.

New funding and equity opportunities from the FTA
Access and Mobility Partnership Grants: The Federal Transit Administration is funding projects that improve access to vital community services for older adults, people with disabilities, and low-income communities by improving coordination among transportation, health, and other service providers. There is no minimum or maximum award amount and they are looking to fund as many meritorious projects as possible.

Justice 40 Initiative: FTA is focused on delivering 40% of the overall benefits of federal investments in climate and sustainable transportation to disadvantaged communities—and wants your input. Learn about the Justice 40 Initiative and contribute to the discussion at two webinars:

Discuss the Regional Transportation Authority’s new strategic plan for the Chicago region and beyond at this UIC Urban Transportation Center Webinar. Join the Center for Neighborhood Technology and Lake County Partners on November 11 at 12 PM CDT and get the chance to share your input in a survey.

And Don’t Forget: NABSA + SUMC’s Shared Micromobility Roundtable
Join us, NABSA, ITDP, Micromobility Industries, and ClimateWorks for a virtual roundtable on November 15 at 2 PM ET to discuss the rise, fall, trends, and surprises of shared micromobility. SUMC CEO Benjie de la Peña will facilitate.

Mobility Justice

It took 6 years of research and 160 authors and reviewers to create the World Resources Institute’s Seven Transformations for More Equitable and Sustainable Cities, and it’s well worth it, as the report offers a new way of thinking about urban development and measuring its success.

A global goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 is a bold move forward to rein in carbon output, but a coalition of 24 developing nations believes the strict limit puts unnecessary pressure on those that aren’t emitting as much CO2 as countries like the US or China—calling it an act of climate injustice.


Car rental companies haven’t been the fastest adopters of electric vehicles, but Hertz’ purchase of 100,000 EVs from Tesla surely puts pressure on competitors Avis and Enterprise to turn loose plans into timely strategies, especially given the increased scrutiny on vehicle emissions and public interest in EVs.

Riding on Hertz’ recent deal with Tesla, Uber will also be working with the rental car company to integrate 50,000 Tesla EVs into its fleet using a rental program for ridehail drivers that will be available next month in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and DC.

Bikesharing & Micromobility

We must protect the bike lane at all costs—even from bikeshare rebalancing vans, as was the case in Chicago earlier in the month. Proposed solutions include physically-separated and/or protected curbside bike lanes and converting travel paths to designated loading zones.

Over on the East Coast, New York will be launching secured bike parking (that can hold up to six bikes) next month at Grand Central Station, a first for the location, as part of a yearlong pilot with bike infrastructure maker Oonee.


In an effort to recapture pre-pandemic ridership, the Chicago Transit Authority is permanently cutting the cost of multi-day passes by 34% and eliminating transfer fees between bus and rail lines. It’s all in their proposed 2022 Budget, along with plans detailed by the CTA to launch a new Department of Equity and Inclusion to support opportunity and economic development. The virtual public hearing is on November 11 at 6 PM CDT.

California’s trains are slow, infrequent, and unreliable—but they don’t have to be. Let’s spend some of that annual $26 billion on trains instead of cars, or just make the first step towards transforming rail systems (like restoring sleeper trains which can be done right now).


What will transportation look like 2030? According to industry leaders at the Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo, it will be electric with longer-range and longer-lasting electric car batteries and more innovation around electric grid management arriving within the next 5-10 years. (You know that’s not enough though, right?)

AI is getting attention, and this time not for autonomous vehicles but as a way to fix the logistical problems that plague mass transit by coordinating between GPS, navigation apps, and even taxi and ride-sharing services.


Interested in NYC’s City Council ‘Vision Zero’ hearing, but don’t have 6 hours to spare? Look no further, Streetsblog rounded up the best ideas to save lives—and that happen to help the planet too—like reducing parking, requiring carpooling, and protecting our kids with open streets around schools.

The newest Lancet Countdown report on climate change has been published and to avoid the impending doom of civilization, America cannot waste time coming to a consensus about how we will cut carbon emissions (we’re looking at you, Infrastructure Bill). We need to act now.

Project Funding Opportunities

RFP: Paratransit Services
Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority
Lehigh and Northampton Counties
Deadline: December 3

RFP: Pace ADA Rideshare Pilot
Pace (Regional Transportation Authority)
Chicago, IL
Deadline: December 13

RFP: Yonkers Shared Active Transportation (YSATN) Bike Share System
City of Yonkers
Yonkers, NY
Deadline: May 10, 2025

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