We’ve been hard at work getting pilots and programs off the ground as part of our Shared + Electric Mobility Initiative, in partnership with the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Each project has been an incredible learning experience that can add to our collective knowledge as we embark on more shared and electric mobility programs, while helping to move California further towards its emission-reduction goals and increase access to jobs, resources, and overall quality of life.

A list of case studies is below, as well as a link to our highly-informative Learning Module: The Importance of Shared, Electric Mobility.

Case Study:  Our Community Carshare:  This case study examines project approaches and lessons learned in phase one of the Sacramento Our Community CarShare program from 2017-2018, which was geared towards enhancing transportation access in affordable housing facilities by providing no-cost carsharing services to residents.

Case Study: Electric and Equitable: Learning from the BlueLA Carsharing Pilot:  In 2016, the City of Los Angeles embarked on an electric vehicle (EV) carsharing pilot project through a grant from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This case study evaluates lessons learned in phase one of the BlueLA project, which concluded in spring 2019.

Case Study: Charged for Growth: Electric Mobility Planning in San Jose:  This case study first looks at the need for reducing transportation-related GHG emissions and then how the efforts of California have been implemented by San Jose at a local scale.

Case Study: The Story of Green Raiteros: A Shared & Electric Lifeline for California Farmworkers:  In December 2018, a local nonprofit launched the Green Raiteros program, a volunteer transportation organization that leveraged its established network of raiteros drivers but operated in a more formalized manner. Using funds from a legal settlement, this nonprofit purchased two electric cars for its volunteer drivers, as well as a garage and an office for operations.  This case study looks at the Green Raiteros program and how it serves its community.

Case Study: Little Roady Autonomous Shuttle Pilot:  The case study looks at the Little Roady Electric Autonomous Vehicle pilot program.  The Little Roady launched in May 2019 in Providence, Rhode Island and is dubbed the longest free transportation route in the country.

Learning Module: The Importance of Shared, Electric Mobility: This Learning Module brings EV resources together as it covers EV related definitions, policy considerations, pilot project examples, and other resources for consideration in your community.