Start-Up Spotlight

Shared mobility has taken great strides in recent years, with start-ups pushing the bounds of already innovative modes, such as dockless bikesharing, free-floating carsharing, and Mobility-as-a-Service. The 2018 National Shared Mobility Summit is pleased to announce the “Start-Up Spotlight,” which will both highlight some of the most innovative and promising young companies, and offer a chance for start-ups, experts, and agencies to synergistically interact.

The program will include these new features:

  • Pitch event (March 12), which will expose start-ups and agencies, experts, and funders to each other through a round robin of brief pitches.
  • Start-Up Zone within the 2018 Shared Mobility Summit Expo (March 13-14) with special branding to offer a one-stop shop for conference-goers.
  • “Ones to Watch” Summit Award to offer high profile, valuable exposure to select start-ups.

We think this is a great chance for everyone to learn about what’s coming, and perhaps get involved to help bring these ideas to life. The call to participate for aspiring start-ups is now open.


If you are a young company (less than 3 years old and/or $50,000 Monthly recurring Revenue) that provides a service or builds a product (or has an idea) that can be used within the Shared Mobility industry, please consider applying to the 2018 Start-Up Spotlight. We will be looking for 8 – 10 Start-Ups, who will receive free conference registration for 2 team members and a place in the program, including the pitch event and the Start-UP Zone.


The 2018 Start-Up Spotlight is a great opportunity to highlight your company’s commitment to Innovation in the shared mobility industry, connect directly with the people creating the future of the industry, and raise awareness of your company’s product or services to the key leaders and stakeholders in the shared mobility sector.
Sponsorship can be tailored to your company’s goals and size, including other components of the Summit. Please contact Cassie Halls or Start-Up Spotlight Chair Kevin McLaughlin
More info to come! If you have any questions about the Start-Up Spotlight program or want to find out more, please contact