Funded by the Federal Highway Administration, the center will assess impacts of increased mobility technologies and services.

November 8, 2023           

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The Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) joins the Center of Excellence on New Mobility and Automated Vehicles, a new collaborative research project funded by the Federal Highway Administration. The Center of Excellence will serve as a research center with academic and nonprofit partners where SUMC will leverage its experience in guiding and implementing shared mobility programs and research projects sensitive to local context.

The center will assess the anticipated long-term impacts of increased new mobility technologies and services on land use, real estate and urban design; transportation system optimization including resilience, security and reliability; equitable access to mobility and job participation; and municipal budget and cost-effective allocation of public resources. 

SUMC is looking forward to collaborating on this multidisciplinary research with our partners to guide transportation policies towards a more just and sustainable society,” said SUMC Research Analyst Miriam Pinski.

SUMC will develop research on the impacts of new mobility technologies and highly automated vehicles on the evolving transportation system when deployed at scale through academic research papers, white papers, research agendas, annual reports, and final reports for all research projects. 

Working with UCLA (including researchers from UCLA Samueli, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs), Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, University of Alabama and National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and MetroLab Network in Washington, D.C., this project will occur over the next five years.



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