There are a lot of conferences and events competing for your attention this fall. We know. Not to mention travel, home improvement projects and (oh yeah) work.

But at the end of the day, we think those commitments just can’t compare with the value you’ll get from attending the 2015 national shared mobility summit Move Together. So register today and join us in Chicago on September 28-30 before space runs out!

If you’re still not convinced, here are nine reasons why you need to attend.

Reason #1: We’re addressing serious problems – and we need your help! Climate change. Economic inequality. Obesity and health issues. These are major issues facing cities today, and all of them intersect with transportation and shared mobility in some way. We’re not going to solve the world’s problems at one conference, but we are going to be rolling up our sleeves, setting local and national goals and advancing new solutions to make the world a better place! But we need your ideas and your energy to make it all work.

Reason #2: Take a deep dive on shared mobility. Shared mobility has come a long way in just the last few years. Instead of rehashing the same old talking points, we’re going to dive right into the most meaningful trends and developments – from micro transit and ride-splitting to e-bikes, peer-to-peer carsharing and new progress on key issues like equity and integration. Don’t miss it!

Reason #3: Network with a unique crowd. Everyone talks about networking, but our programs bring together an especially unique cross-section of public sector leaders, private sector innovators and community representatives. Most of our attendees focus on bikesharing, carsharing, ridesharing/sourcing, transit and urban mobility specifically. From San Francisco to New York, these are the thinkers and doers who are working on shared mobility issues – from insurance and regulation to street space and pilots – day in and day out. Come say hi!

Reason #4: We have the speakers you want to hear from. Gabe Klein of Fontinalis Partners. Jay Walder of Motivate. Rebekah Scheinfeld of Chicago DOT. Seleta Reynolds of LADOT. James Corless of T4America. Leah Treat of the Portland Bureau of Transportation. Tim Papandreou of SFMTA. The nation’s leading transit and shared mobility experts will be here to share their vision on this quickly evolving industry. Where do they see transportation in the next 10 years? Join us and find out.

Reason #5: We have speakers you’ve never heard of before – but might be hearing a lot about in the future. In boxing, they say the biggest punches are the ones you don’t see coming. Have you heard of GoKid, the new carpooling app for kids? Bam! Or TransLoc, the company building flexible, on-demand systems for transit agencies? Pow! Catch them at the Move Together summit and get KO’d by all the innovation taking place!

Reason #6: Chicago. Whether you’re local or coming in from out of town, downtown Chicago in September is pretty a great place to spend a couple days. Not too hot and humid, not too cold and snowy – it’s just right. Plus it’s a great city any time of the year with plenty of transit access (and shared mobility!), two airports, world-class dining and beautiful architecture (including our event partner, the Chicago Athletic Association hotel). We’ll be smack in the middle of it all.

Reason #7: Our venue. We spent a long time looking for the perfect venue for this conference (maybe too long). We didn’t want to stick you in a windowless hotel basement. We didn’t want you to have to take a shuttle from your hotel room to the event. Just when it looked like we were going to have to compromise, we found it – the dream spot. VenueSIX10 is part of the Spertus Institute, and is located right across the street from Grant Park on Michigan Avenue, Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile.” Picture a modern art museum with plenty of windows, open space and light. Now…picture it full of fortwo vehicles, bikeshare bikes and carshare cars. Pretty cool, right?

Reason #8: We’re partnering with the North American Bike Share Association. If you want to go deep on bikes, this is the place. And with NABSA involved it means all the latest, coolest bikes technology will be on display, from crazy new German e-bikes to collapsible cardboard helmets for bikeshare users. Come check it out!

Reason #9: You should attend Move Together because it’ll be fun! We’ll have a Divvy bike tour, receptions sponsored by Ridescout and People for Bikes, and a few surprises that you’ll just have to wait for and see (you’ll like them, trust us).

So, if you if you haven’t already, go ahead and register for Move Together. We hope to see you there!

Image credit: Danny Fowler