SUMC held its second Mobility on Demand (MOD) Sandbox Workshop in Chicago on March 12-13, 2018, in conjunction with SUMC’s National Shared Mobility Summit. The workshop was in support of SUMC’s Innovation and Knowledge Accelerator (IKA), a cooperative agreement with the US Federal Transit Administration (FTA) supporting the MOD Sandbox program. Representatives from government agencies, transit authorities, private sector mobility providers, educational institutions, and others interested in mobility on demand met to form a community of practice to learn from each other’s MOD experiences and discuss updates, challenges, and perspectives about their partnerships and vision for MOD. The workshop consisted of informational panels, breakout conversations, and a summit-wide breakfast event. Below you can access summaries of the panel discussions for each day.


Day 1

Welcome by SUMC and FTA

Panel Discussion: Discoverability of On-Demand Services in Trip-Planning Apps

Breakout Discussions

Day 2

Meet the MOD Sandbox Grantees Breakfast [Presentations] [Audio]

Panel Discussion: Planning, Regulatory, and Privacy Perspectives on Data from MOD Partnerships