Chicago – The Shared-Use Mobility Center is excited to announce MUVE as the winner of the inaugural Start-Up Spotlight, an event to find the most innovative new companies in shared mobility.

“We are thrilled to have had a chance to pitch at this event, in front of this amazing industry” says Anthony Shannon, co-founder of MUVE “and honored to have been chosen as the One to Watch.”

“We believe that transportation is a right, not a privilege, for everyone. And that’s why we have launched the first ride sharing service built for a fully accessibility friendly, door to door experience.”

“Accessibility and Equity were two of the biggest topics and themes at this year’s Shared Mobility Summit”according to Shared-Use Mobility Center  Executive Director Sharon Feigon,“We want to support new entrants into shared mobility, particularly those who are committed to increasing transportation options for all. Feigon, who was formerly the CEO of IGO Carsharing, the first carsharing company to launch in the Midwest back in 2002, was eager to highlight how MUVE and the other Start-up Spotlight finalists can make a difference by developing their innovative ideas into new businesses. MUVE’s ability to balance innovation with equity bodes well for the future of mobility.” The National Shared Mobility Summit’s unique mix of attendees “allows the start-ups to synergistically interact with experts, agencies, and funders” , said Feigon. Ultimately, we will strengthen our transportation system by enhancing public transit and connecting it seamlessly with a variety of shared mobility modes”.

Sponsored by the urban mobility navigator app Free2Move, the Start-up Spotlight was initiated by their VP of Strategy, Kevin McLaughlin. “I love what SUMC is doing for the industry and our communities, and wanted to bring the excitement of the start-up world to the Summit, and give some of the early stage companies exposure.”

10 companies (Axle Travel, Gridwise, HiHo Mobile, Jetty, Migo Inc., MUVE, Mystro, RubyRide, SHARE, and SHOTL) were chosen for the event from almost 40 that applied, and the two runners-up Finalists were Migo, a mobility aggregator app, and Mystro, an app that helps ride sharing drivers manage multiple platforms.

Conference attendees voted on the winner after a pitch session that entailed a round robin of brief pitches by each of the finalists. The session, was judged by Katie Olson, Director of Operations & Services at City Tech Collaborative, UILabs; Gabe Klein, Co-Founder at CityFI and Special Venture Partner at Fontinalis Partners, LLC; and Jason Dietrich, Principal, A3Ventures.

About MUVE

MUVE is an industry leader in innovation, development and implementation of the first universally built and fully inclusive technology transport solution, focused on serving people of all abilities and their extended family and caregivers. Our core values are rooted in the mindfulness and compassion that is crucial in tackling the many unique and important inclusion issues which our communities are facing worldwide.

Our mission is to aggregate every accessible seat in cities we launch in, integrating with existing specialized transit services including as many accessible/ambulatory seats available in their community.  This provides the disabled community with the first on demand application – offering door to door – safe, reliable and affordable ride sharing service that will be delivered in a manner that respects our past, and works towards an inclusive our future.


The RideShare market has been one of the hottest growth categories and change agents worldwide and it continues to reshape the transportation industry daily. This explosive and disruptive change has created many opportunities and conveniences for the consumer but has also exposed the many weaknesses in providing equal opportunity and service to the disabled population.

MUVE always strives to work within the existing services, framework and regulations of cities and towns around the world while continually seeking out strategic partners to further our mission.  We help to download the substantial costs that our governments face in sustaining a specialized transit service while also raising the standards through safety, comfort, reliability and respect.

For any additional information, please reach out to directly MUVE co-founders:

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About the Shared-Use Mobility Center
The Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) is a public-interest organization working to foster collaboration in shared mobility (including bikesharing, carsharing, ridesharing and more) and help connect the growing industry with transit agencies, cities and communities across the nation. Through piloting programs, conducting new research and providing advice and expertise to cities and regions, SUMC hopes to extend the benefits of shared mobility for all. SUMC is focused on bringing together a wide range of interests — including government, industry, non-governmental organizations, and academics — to share best practices, conduct research, develop model policies and serve as a testing ground for building the shared-use mobility industry.