SUMC adds to its international work with Living Cities by developing a design framework for overlooked groups.


Media Contact   Aug. 28, 2023
Megan Perrero, Partnerships & Engagement Specialist
[email protected]

The Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) was awarded funding by Vinnova to develop a design framework for mobility hubs centered around women and caregivers, progressing SUMC’s equity-focused mission. SUMC aims to assess if by centering women, this leads to increases in accessibility not only for women but also for other more vulnerable users of transportation systems

SUMC and Living Cities will develop this design framework between September 2023 through May 2024. Vinnova awarded SUMC $47,000 to work closely and cooperate with leading academic researchers in mobility and women’s issues, community leaders, key transportation agencies in the Chicago area, and significant national, state, and local public sector women leaders across the U.S.

“SUMC is looking forward to executing this project with our partner, Living Cities. The design framework could be a vital tool in achieving a just transition from carbon-intense to low- or zero-carbon transportation systems in the U.S., Sweden, and across the globe,” said Hannah Wilson, director of partnerships and engagement, SUMC. “It could spur further innovations in services and products in both markets and open up other markets planning investments in new infrastructure.”

The project is funded by Vinnova’s Future Mobility – Innovation Collaborations between Sweden and the United States, which promotes research and innovation collaborations between actors in the countries within sustainable mobility.

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