(Chicago, IL) The Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) will establish and operate the Accelerating Innovative Mobility National Network (AIM-NNet) through a cooperative agreement with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to provide technical assistance to projects advancing innovations in public transportation around America, including 25 recent recipients of the Accelerating Innovative Mobility (AIM) Challenge Grants.

AIM-NNet aims to help public transportation agencies, communities, and regions across the United States adopt innovative mobility solutions encompassing automation, electrification, new shared mobility modes, flexible on-demand shuttles, and improvements to transit access and information.

“We really applaud the FTA for supporting these innovations at such a critical time. We need new approaches to expand safe, efficient, and affordable mobility options. These projects are examining state-of-the-art ideas, and we will work with the agencies to understand and share what works and how to scale up these solutions to transform transit as we know it today.”
–Sharon Feigon, Founder and Executive Director, Shared-Use Mobility Center

“AIM-NNet reinforces our commitment to creating healthy, strong communities by enhancing public transportation through innovation. With SUMC leading technical assistance efforts, we can help communities and transit agencies expand multimodal options and create tools to help agencies adopt novel approaches for the greater good.”
–Gwo-Wei Torng, Director, Office of Mobility Innovation, Federal Transit Administration

SUMC operates an extensive Learning Center, researches and analyzes new transportation modes, and fosters peer learning. In addition, SUMC has experience providing research and technical assistance for other FTA programs such as the Mobility on Demand (MOD) Sandbox, MOD On-Ramp, and the Integrated Mobility Innovation (IMI) initiative. The National Network will spearhead mobility innovation projects that incorporate new service delivery models, creative financing, novel partnerships, and integrated payment.

Shared-Use Mobility Center

The Shared-Use Mobility Center is a public-interest nonprofit dedicated to creating a multimodal transportation system that is equitable, accessible, and environmentally sound. Through piloting programs, conducting new research, and providing policy and technical expertise to cities and regions, SUMC seeks to extend the benefits of shared mobility for all.

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